About P-MH

Welcome to Project MidnightHobbit; My name is Phoenix and I am the Founder.

I am combining my love for Music, Art, Photography, & Sustainability to bring you a new kind of 'company' though my primary focus is Photography.

I have been a Photographer for over 15 years with over 10k concert photos from 2004-2019 and growing with 370 video clips. My passion has always been Music which has brought me through many hard points in my life.

Having Mental Health issues, I found that Art is a way for me and many others to cope with the harsh realities of life.

That is where Project MidnightHobbit comes in. I am working on bringing tons of silly, funny, and emotionally pleasant photos and videos. Another section will focus on concerts and my vast experience with them.

Thank you for joining me and supporting the arts and a small family by buying Merch, etc... that I provide.